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Reaching Your Immigration Goals Together

Together Direct is the easy-solution, online platform created by the J. Molina Law Firm. Together Direct provides the same efficient legal services, and the same warmth in the client-attorney relationships, as J. Molina Law Firm, but at a lower cost and completely online.

Because we are dedicated to your success, we have simplified your immigration filing process with this platform. With just a few steps, our expert attorneys will review your applications and have them signed by our licensed immigration attorney, while keeping your information safe.

Together Direct is a reliable way to complete your forms and receive the legal help you need today. Keeping the cost of legal representation at a minimum, we have built a secure and reliable way to complete your forms for Family Petition I-130, Citizenship N-400, and Residency Process I-90.

All of our free webinars are recorded live and shared in our YouTube channel for your convenience! Don’t waste any time and be informed about the latest news on Immigration changes.

The platform is designed to make the immigration filing process simple and intuitive. We know immigration processes can be complicated thus we use innovative technology to ensure a straightforward, coherent, and transparent method to save you time and resources. You do not need to struggle with government forms and confusing instructions by yourself.

At Together Direct we believe in the American dream and that immigrants strengthen the fabric of the American way of life. We believe that families belong together and that citizenship should be accessible for everyone that qualifies for it. We believe that no one should navigate a difficult immigration process alone. We believe that we stand stronger together.

That is why we are committed to building bridges, not walls.

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