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Persuading an immigration judge to issue an immigration bond is very challenging and time consuming. That’s why you need a qualified and experienced immigration attorney by your side. Securing bonds for his clients is an important part of Jorge Molina’s mission as a representative and advocate. Let us help you with your case.

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Our Role in Immigration Bonds

Being able to get an immigration bond and securing your release is often a determinative factor in removal proceedings. To secure a bond in immigration court you must first demonstrate that the release of the person would not pose a danger to the safety of other persons or of property. We must also show that the person is likely to appear for any scheduled proceedings. Finally, we must convince an immigration judge that the person deserves a bond. Individuals who are apprehended by immigration authorities for terrorist activities, or committed certain crimes reflecting poorly on their character, or relating to controlled substances are not eligible for a bond. Individuals that fall within these categories are usually subject to mandatory detention.

Reliable Legal Advice Is a Must

If you or a loved one is subject to mandatory detention you need accurate, candid advice, and a strategy that would work best for you and your family. Jorge Molina represents individuals who are subject to mandatory detention and tailors his strategy and services to their needs.

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