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Asylum Process: New Measures

On June 4, President Biden announced that the asylum process would be limited in new ways. If refugees are caught crossing the southern land border (the border between the US and Mexico without permission), they could be sent back to Mexico and not be given asylum. The new restrictions went into effect immediately, starting June 5.

These restrictions are not permanent, and will only activate when border agents arrest a daily average of 2,500 immigrants over a week. The restrictions would thus pause when arrests drop below 1,500 immigrants per day. However, according to the Department of Homeland Security, there are exceptions for unaccompanied children, people harboring serious medical conditions or safety threats, and victims of human trafficking.

People who are immigrants and are afraid of going back to their home countries will be checked for humanitarian protection. If they are not granted any parole, they could be deported and face a five-year ban on re-entering the country and even criminal charges.

At a press meeting at the White House to explain the proclamation, Biden said that immigrants would still be able to get asylum if they made an appointment using the CBP One app or other legal routes instead of crossing illegally.

“This action will help us gain control of our border and restore order into the process,” he said. “This ban will remain in place until the number of people trying to enter illegally is reduced to a level that our system can effectively manage.”

Many questions remain about the functionality of this new rule. If you have any doubts about your immigration situation, consult with an expert deportation defense attorney as soon as your can. Our immigration attorneys at J. Molina Law Firm will help you protect your American Dream!


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