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President Biden’s Family Parole

In addition to working to keep the asylum process under control, President Joe Biden has made it easier for families to stay together legally in the United States through a family parole. This morning, June 18, 2024, the democratic administration announced new steps for people who have lived in the US for a long time. These steps are meant to keep families together and give more young people the chance to work and add to the economy. 

These steps will help US citizens and their noncitizen family members stay together, by promoting family unity providing a significant benefit to the country and helping US citizens and their noncitizen family members stay together. 

With this new process, some noncitizen spouses of US citizens will be able to apply for lawful permanent residence without having to leave the country. Children of US citizens will also be able to go through this process. If this family parole is approved, it would allow them to apply for lawful residence and therefore protect them from deportation! 

These are some criteria to be eligible to apply for a green card without being deported or leaving the US, with this family parole: 

  1. As of June 17, 2024, noncitizens must have resided in the US for 10 or more years and be legally married to a US citizen.
  2. If the family parole request is approved by DHS, they will grant a legal stay in the US for a 3-year period.
  3. This 3-year period will allow noncitizens to apply for permanent residency. 

Noncitizens will be able to stay in the US with their families and be eligible for work permits for up to three years. All married couples who are qualified will be able to use the family parole.  

This action is foreseen to protect approximately half a million spouses of U.S. citizens, and approximately 50,000 noncitizen children under the age of 21 whose parent is married to a U.S. citizen. *

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As more information is released on this topic, we will be empowering you with more updates.

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