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How To Draft an Immigration Statement

An important part of many immigration processes, like visa applications, green card requests, and naturalization applications, is writing a statement for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It lets you show USCIS who you are and what your case is when you need to ask for a benefit.

Whether you’re writing a cover letter, document, or personal statement, understanding what it’s for will help you make sure the content fits the purpose. You need to put your full name, address, and contact information in an official header. Add the date and a proper welcome after this.

Start with an opening that gets right to the point and says what your statement is about. Name the exact application or process for immigration that this statement is about. You should include your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and any other personal information that USCIS asks for.

If it’s significant, give a timeline of your immigration history or any events that are important. Make things clear and exact. Add dates, places, and other information. If there are any problems with your application, make sure you explain it in a clear way.

Tell them why you think they should give you the immigration benefit they want. Give information about your link with any people who are sponsoring you, if any. Include proof that backs up your claim, like papers, letters of recommendation, or anything else that makes your case stronger. Make sure that your statement talks about these papers.

Keep a polite and professional tone throughout your whole statement. Thank the USCIS for giving you the chance to state your case. At the end of your statement, restate your request or purpose and briefly review the main points. Be sure of yourself and say that you are ready to follow any new rules or laws.

Put an official end to it all with your name right after it. If you are signing a paper copy, make sure you do it by hand.

Every statement should be read three times to make sure it is clear, correct, and full, as suggested by the J. Molina Law Firm. For each application, an attorney should always know the most recent directions and rules from USCIS.

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