Past Convictions and Residence

The Adjustment of Status is one of the most common immigration processes in the United States, since this is one of the processes that can be done to achieve Permanent Residence. Often many people are surprised at how complicated an Adjustment of Status case can be to achieve their Legal Permanent Residence card (also known as Green Card). In those cases in particular, it is where our experience and skills make a difference.

If your child or your parent have obtained a residence through marriage or has lived in the U.S. enough time to obtain citizenship, they can petition you with Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative and/or Form I-485 Adjustment of Status.

We know firsthand the importance of knowing in depth the personal cases and stories of our clients. We often hear expressions such as: “Surely I can not apply for a legal status for my past convictions.” However, in some cases we can help you despite having a conviction in your record.

In J. Molina Law Firm we offer completely transparent and honest initial consultations, as well as confidential, in which we will explain what is the best strategy to continue with your case. We believe that having committed a crime in the past does not mean you have to lose hope about your case since situations and opportunities are different for everyone.

When you open your case at the J. Molina Law Firm, you not only get a legal firm filling your application and sending it to the USCIS – in all our cases, especially those with past convictions, extensive investigations are done on the crimes committed to analyze how the situation could affect the case. After this, any other possible weakness in the case is identified and taken into account to create a main and secondary strategy, as well as emergency plans in case things do not go to as planned.

Our law firm ensures that all through the case, our clients are informed of the process, knowing what information is sent to USCIS, explaining the why’s and how’s of the processes, and accompanying them in their moments of doubts. After sending the package with the applications and all the necessary proofs, we wait for USCIS to share instructions on biometrics and interview scheduling. Even, if you’d like, Mr. Molina can accompany you to your interview.

Having a Permanent Residence in the United States has many benefits – you can get to experience better job opportunities and continue your life in the United States indefinitely while comlying with the law. Also, you have an entrance to the United States more easily.

If you have past convictions, or would like more information about how to get your residence, you can schedule your initial consultation with Jorge Molina directly by calling us at (469) 708-5800. Our team will make sure to assist you in the way you want. Call us today!