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What Evidence can I Use in Immigration Court

The particular characteristics of your case will determine the kind of proof that may be required of you by an immigration court. In most cases, if you want an immigration court to believe your claims about your immigration status or the reasons you want asylum or some other form of relief, you will have to show proof to back them up. 

These are some instances of evidence that may be useful: 

  • Identity documents: You need to bring proper identification with you, which could include a passport, a birth certificate, and any other pertinent documents that confirm your identity.
  • Documents pertaining to your immigration status: Bring any documents that relate to your immigration statuses, such as a visa, a green card, or an employment authorization card.
  • Provide evidence that supports your claim that you were subjected to persecution in your home country: If you are applying for asylum or another form of relief based on the fact that you were subjected to persecution in your home country, you should submit evidence that supports your claim. These may include statements made by witnesses, medical records, reports from law enforcement, or stories from the media.
  • If you are seeking relief based on familial ties, you are required to submit evidence of your relationship, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates, in order to prove that you are related to the person in question.
  • Documentation of your financial condition, such as bank statements, tax returns, or pay stubs, should be provided if you want to base your request for relief on the fact that you are experiencing a difficult financial situation.
  • Testimony from an expert: In order to substantiate your claim, you might be required to present testimony from an expert, such as a physician or a therapist.

It is crucial to meet with an immigration attorney who can assist you in determining the evidence you require and how to effectively present it in court.  

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