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What If I Miss My Immigration Court

We all know that immigration court is a big deal, so it makes sense that missing a court hearing can cause problems. If you do not show up for your immigration court hearing, the judge will order your removal in your absence. This is known as an in-absentia removal order.  

The order is given after the judge has decides that the person can be removed from the United States. 

If you missed your hearing for a good reason, though, like a medical emergency or something very important, and an in-absentia order was issued against you, you might be able to file a motion to reopen the case. However, you should contact the court as soon as possible to explain your situation and ask for a new hearing date, since the motion to reopen must be filed within a certain amount of time and there are strict requirements that must be met. 

If you missed your hearing without a good reason, you should talk to an immigration lawyer as soon as you can to find out what your legal options are. An immigration lawyer can help you figure out if you can still ask for a new date for your hearing or if you have any other legal choices. 

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