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Immigration Bond: Get Out from Detention Hold

When in detention hold, you have the option to request an immigration bond. An immigration bond is a deposit of money given to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to guarantee that a person released will appear at hearings and, if required, leave the United States. This commitment is secured by a money deposit that is returned if the conditions for the bond are met. Either an Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officer or an Immigration Judge (IJ) can issue a bond. 

You can ask the Immigration Court for a bond hearing in writing. You can also request a bond hearing during your initial immigration court hearing (called a Master hearing), during which you are informed of your rights, the allegations and charges, correct delivery of important documents, and possible deportation relief. 

To request a bond in writing: 

There is no charge to request a bond, but you will need your A-number and detention facility name. Send the written request to the immigration court with jurisdiction over the detention center. Once you have a date for your bond hearing, you will need proof that you should be let out of jail, such as: 

  • Sponsor’s support letter 
  • Proof of eligibility for deportation relief 
  • Evidence of good moral character 
  • Proof of links to the community 

To request a bond during your Master hearing: 

You will not have to present anything written, but the IJ may stop what you are doing and start the bond hearing right away, let you finish what you are doing and then start the bond hearing, or set a new date for your bond hearing. The IJ will decide what to do right then. 

If your bond hearing is set for a different day, the court will set it as soon as possible. Your bond hearing is less formal than your immigration hearing and is not recorded. Also, remember the proof you show at your bond hearing is different from what you must show at your immigration court hearing. 

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