What is an Immigration Bond

If you or a loved one have been detained by ICE before, or are currently detained, you may have heard of the possibility of requesting Immigration Bonds. An Immigration Bond is a sum of money posted by ICE for the release of a non-citizen detainee.

Requesting an Immigration Bond means that you are agreeing to pay a fee with the commitment that the detainee will appear in Immigration Court when requested.

When deciding whether to give out a bond, the two main things to think about are whether a person:

  1. Poses a threat to public safety; and
  2. Will show up to Immigration Court.

The decision to grant the immigration bond will be made by ICE and the Immigration Judge. If the non-citizen has been arrested or convicted in the past, even if the charge is dropped or expunged, it could still affect them, and it’s best to talk to an immigration lawyer about this. If you have an immigration lawyer who can help you convince the authorities, your chances are much better.

Is The Bond Too High? If the immigration bond is too expensive, you can file a Motion for Bond Redetermination to request a reduced price. A relative or friend must establish their legal status, that they’re financially stable, and haven’t committed severe crimes.

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